Rahab’s heart is to help restore, inspire and assist those who feel trapped in the sex industry. 

We are a group of women who reach out to the sex workers of Australia. Offering them a lifeline of hope and restoration to those who feel trapped in the sex industry.

​We reach out to brothels, massage parlours and women that work on the streets in their area. As well as set up a support system in their area for those that want to make contact and ask for Rahab's assistance.

Our teams are made up of Christian volunteers from many different churches all driven by the love of God.

Our current Rahab locations cover Cronulla, the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Launceston, Newcastle, Central Coast of NSW, Ballarat, West Melbourne, Dandenong, Oakleigh, South Melbourne and Melbourne CBD, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Port Macquarie, Mildura, and Adelaide.

Our Story

Rahab began in 2003, by Paullette who felt God wanted her to reach out to women in the sex industry in Adelaide. Many of these women have suffered extreme physical and sexual abuse and feel powerless to leave.


After establishing a small outreach team they began reaching out on the streets and eventually getting into brothels and massage parlours.


Through prayer and perseverance, the ministry has rapidly expanded and now visits over 100 brothels and massage parlours in Adelaide and with over 20 Outreach teams Australia wide.

​Rahab started with Paulette knocking on one door, and the doors have been opening ever since.