Dawn Knighton

Dawn was a drug addict, prostitute, felon and prison inmate. Ten years ago, Jesus changed her life. Now, she's a pastor counselling inmates in the same correctional institution where she did time. She also ministers to former inmates, helping them transition to a free life in Jesus through group homes she established in the Ormond Beach area.

Annie Lobert

Annie Lobert was a high-class call girl and sex worker in Las Vegas for many years.

In this video she shares her testimony including how she got into the sex industry, the hardship she went through (Including abuse, abortions, and cancer) and where she is at now.

Everything Skit

You are loved by the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Made in His image and He made you for a purpose, to know Him and to be loved by Him. 
No matter where you go, or what you do He is right there waiting for you. His love and forgiveness are there waiting for you.
He just wants you to know that it's not what you can do for Him that He wants but for you to know Him and to trust Him with your heart and life.

Eating Disorder

Sam is a young woman who experienced verbal and physical abuse from her father over the years as she grew up.

In this video, she shares her story of overcoming abuse, alcohol addiction and how she came to recognize that she had an eating disorder and how she she conquered it. 

Single Mom's Story

This mom shares her story of losing her mom at a young age, not having a father who loved and cared for her and how she turned to guys to find love and fulfillment. 
She talks about her journey to becoming a stripper and how she eventually found real love, joy and peace in life.