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Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

If you are a permanent resident or an Australian citizen, Centrelink may pay you while you look for work. You may also get paid if you have children. To get paid and find help getting a job you will need to go to a Centrelink office first. Centrelink can provide you with an interpreter for your appointments and Rahab volunteers volunteers may attend Centrelink with you.

To get paid you will also need a MyGov account. There is a simple video on this page that can help you create one.

Centrelink will then refer you to a company that will help you find a job. This organisation will help you create a resume, pay for clothing and workwear, assist you to get ready for interviews, pay for training and send you out to employers to find your new job.

If this sounds hard, please give us a call at Rahab. We would be pleased to help you through this process.

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