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Detox Programs

When a person uses too much alcohol or other drugs on a regular basis, they can feel dependent on them to make it through the day. This addiction can damage a person’s physical, social and mental health because of changes and long-term damage to the brain and other organs.

Treatment for substance misuse and addiction depends on the type of substances involved, and how serious a person’s addiction is. 

Treatment may involve a mix of psychiatric interventions, psychological care, support groups and self-help strategies.

You can find a list of resources in this section to assist in your recovery journey. You can also contact Rahab for support during this process.  

National Alcohol and Other Drugs Hotline: 1800 250 015

Alcoholics Anonymous Australia 1300 222 222

Narcotics Anonymous Australia 1300 652 820

Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia (DASSA) is a statewide health service that offers a range of prevention, treatment and information services for people with alcohol, tobacco and other drug issues.

There are also organisations that can assist you to detox safely in SA. Find information on medicated assisted treatment, withdrawal management, residential rehabilitation, sobering up services and clean needle programs in your local area.

Finding help for alcohol and other drug problems · Know Your Options

Centrecare - Adelaide

Youth services aged 12-24

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