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Local Churches

Church can provide a supportive community and a safe and restorative place for you to visit. If you would like to visit a church you can ask a Rahab volunteer to pick you up, or just come along anytime.

Listed here are some of the churches that Rahab volunteers attend each week.

Gateway Baptist Church

Albert Park

Trinity Church Adelaide

Mandarin Speaking Church Service at 10.30am each Sunday

88 North Terrace, Adelaide

Contact Boon Yong Sim on 8213 7300


我们感谢上帝的保守,华文堂在2018年5月开始每周日的崇拜聚会。我们的崇拜聚会在每周日早上10点30分开始, 聚会地点在Trinity Church Adelaide的 Parish 厅。借着诗歌、祷告、读经的方式一起来聆听上帝的话语。除了崇拜聚会以外,每周日的下午也有小组查经活动。我们希望通过这一切的活动及彼此之间的团契更来认识耶稣、听从祂、敬拜祂。

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